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Poderoso y resistente

Bidón KONG

Change the way you transport
your product


¡Discover KONG!

We have developed a 20-liter drum, with a round and unique design in the market, designed to safely store any type of product, as well as to project and refresh your brand’s image.


We know the needs of the market

A company backs us with over 20 years of experience and a wide variety of products such as containers, caps, liners, and advisory services focused on packaging, design and innovation.


Meet your new ally



Unique design that prevents collapse due to the elephant’s foot effect.

Forma cilíndrica

Diseño único que evita el colapsamiento por efecto pata de elefante.


20 liters


1 kg without


for stabilization in stowage


Made 100% with solar energy


HDPE high-density polyethylene

Label protector

For brand display, wrinkle free



60 thread with security strap in all our presentations:

Forget about waste

Benefits of having KONG

Rectangle 266

Helps with product stowage

Rectangle 267

Proven strength

Refreshes the image of your product

Rectangle 269

Reduces storage size

Rectangle 270

We always have stock

Rectangle 271

Avoid collapse due to
elephant foot effect

Rectangle 272

Ideal capacity

Rectangle 273

Easy to handle

Rectangle 274

Unique design

Ideal for

All market sectors

You can use KONG to store any product you need

Industries where our container is used:


Containers made with

Solar Energy

At INOQUOS we believe that harnessing solar energy allows us to contribute to the management of clean energy through photovoltaic solar panels.

Help mitigate climate change

>We are convinced that it will allow us to stimulate the circular economy, create jobs, and improve the safety and integrity of our collaborators.

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