Privacy Policy

Following the provisions of the “Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data”, declares MAXI-PET SA DE CV. MAXI-PET SA DE CV., to be a company legally constituted by Mexican law, with address at Circuito Metropolitano Sur Carretera San Isidro Mazatepec – Tala Km 11 400, C.P. 45340, Col. San Isidro Mazatepec, Tala, Jalisco, Mexico; and as responsible for the processing of your personal data, informs you that the information of our clients is treated in a strictly confidential manner, so when providing your personal data, such as:
  • Full name.
  • Address.
  • Federal taxpayer registration.
  • Home, Office and Mobile Phones
  • Email.
  • Bank account number.
  • Interbank key.
  • Use of CFDI.
  • Payment method.
  • Company logo.

In the case of Sensitive Data, such as:

  • Patrimonial Data (Material Goods, Real Estate, and other related)
  • Personal Data (Spouse, Marital Status, Nationality, Education, Children, and other related).
  • Family and non-family references (Name, Address, Telephone, relationship, etc.)
  1. To conduct studies on demographic data, interests and behavior; Market and consumer studies to acquire and offer personalized products and services, as well as advertising and content more suited to your needs.
  2. To provide you with the products and services you request, to inform you about other products and services offered by the Controller, and to administer our sites and services.
  3. In order to be able to deliver products, services, and solutions, the Responsible Party and/or its managers have entered into or will enter into various commercial agreements with various suppliers both in national territory and abroad, so that they supply the products and services offered by the Responsible Party, with the understanding that said providers are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data provided and to observe the Privacy Notice.
  4. Upgrade of data base. The collection of personal data may be carried out by: By using emails and visiting our points of sale or our authorized distributors When you communicate with us by telephone.

Through the use of the Responsible Websites Through the voluntary provision of information through the dialog windows enabled on the sites Through direct collection Through publicly accessible sources and other sources available in the market All the information we collect about you can be combined to help us to adapt our communications to you and develop products and services according to your needs and preferences. To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and to ensure that the information is used for the purposes established in this privacy notice, We have established various procedures to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of your data, allowing us to treat it properly. All your personal data is treated by the applicable and current legislation in the country, for this reason, we inform you that you have at all times the rights (ARCO) to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the treatment that we give to your personal data; right that you can assert through the Privacy Area in charge of the security of personal data on the Telephone (33) 3635 77 71 or through the Fax (33) 36357245. Through these channels you can update your data and specify how you wish to receive information, since in case of not having this specification from you, MAXI-PET SA DE CV. will freely establish the channel it deems pertinent to send you information. COOKIES: “Cookies” are data files that are stored on the hard drive of the computer equipment or electronic communications device of a user when browsing a specific internet site, which allows the exchange of status information between said site and the user. user’s browser. The status information may reveal means of session identification, authentication, or user preferences, as well as any data stored by the browser regarding the website. Therefore, Maxi-Pet, S.A. of C.V. informs you that at any time, you can disable the use of these mechanisms, according to the instructions that each company that owns the browsers (browser or internet viewer) has implemented to activate and deactivate the aforementioned “Cookies”. This notice of privacy may be modified by MAXI-PET SA DE CV. Such modifications will be timely informed through email, telephone, or any other means of communication that MAXI-PET SA DE CV. determines for this purpose. Sincerely: MAXI- PET S.A. DE C.V.South Metropolitan Circuit Carretera San Isidro Mazatepec – Tala km 11 400C.P. 45340, Col. San Isidro Mazatepec, Tala, Jalisco, Mexico. Tel (33) 36 35 77 71